About Us

We are a network of public charter schools that share resources and collaborate with community to ensure that all students in Nashville have access to a high-quality public education.

What We Do

The mission of the NCC is to ensure that every child in Nashville has access to a high-quality public school. 1 in every 5 Nashville public school students is enrolled in a charter school. The Nashville Charter Collaborative advocates on behalf of those students, their families, and the teachers and staff who have all chosen to be part of a charter school community in our city.

Our Priorities

Why We Collaborate

“Nashville is a thriving city. Our students—every single one of them—should be provided the opportunity and education to be a part our city’s success. No one person or organization has all the answers to get us there. But together, we absolutely can.

— Steering Committee Members (Randy Dowell, Lagra Newman & Todd Dickson)

Our Team


Subira Gordon

Chief Executive Officer


Dustin Mohammed

Advocacy Consultant


Debby Kalamas

Operations Manager

Our Board

Charlie Friedman

Charlie Friedman

Founder/Executive Director,
Nashville Classical

Bill DeLoache

Owner, Dapco Investments

Katie Hazelwood

Katie Hazelwood

Program Officer,
Scarlett Family Foundation