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Nashville’s Public Charter Schools Comprise One-Third of City’s Top Performing Schools

Approximately 20 percent of Metro Nashville Public Schools students attend a local charter school, yet Nashville's public charter schools comprise nearly 30 percent of the district's top performers.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Sept. 12, 2022) — The following is a statement from Laurie Brown, Senior Vice President of Nashville Advocacy at the Tennessee Charter School Center, on the annual release of the list of Reward Schools from the Tennessee Department of Education. On the list, 14 of the 48 Nashville schools recognized for academic performance are charter schools.

“In Nashville, public charter schools serve a higher proportion of our most vulnerable students, including students of color and those who are economically disadvantaged. To see this many charter schools among our city’s top-performing schools is evidence that a variety of school types is critical to ensuring our most vulnerable students are well-served by our local school system. Recent TNReady data also show that as a group, Nashville’s public charter schools had double-digit gains in proficiency during the recent school year: 11 percentage points in both math and English-Language Arts. Also, more than 75% of local charters received a TVAAS Level 5 score for student growth. Charter schools are leading the academic growth and achievement for historically underserved students in Nashville.”

Approximately 20 percent of Metro Nashville Public Schools students attend a local charter school, yet Nashville’s public charter schools comprise nearly 30 percent of the district’s top performers. Nashville public charter schools on the Reward School list are: 

  • Smithson Craighead Academy
  • KIPP Academy Nashville
  • Liberty Collegiate Academy
  • Nashville Prep
  • East End Preparatory School
  • KIPP Nashville College Prep
  • Nashville Classical
  • Valor Flagship Academy
  • Purpose Prep
  • Explore Community School
  • Rocketship United
  • Valor Voyager Academy
  • KIPP Nashville College Prep Elementary
  • Strive Collegiate Academy
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About the Nashville Charter Collaborative

For charter public schools in Nashville with a track record of high achievement and high growth, the Nashville Charter Collaborative offers their leaders a structure to work together on areas of shared need, such as professional development and recruitment of high-quality teachers. Collectively, we believe that education transforms lives and that every child in Nashville has the right to a high-quality public education.In the fall of 2018, the Collaborative formalized as a program of the Tennessee Charter School Center to provide member schools with an official structure to continue growing their work together.